Cool Black Horse

250 Cool Black Horse Names with Meanings

Discover 250 cool black horse names with meanings including pop culture, history, humor, and mythology-inspired names to match your horse’s dark mystique.

Choosing the right name for your black horse can be an exciting process. With their beautiful dark coats, black horses deserve equally captivating names to match their mystique. This list of 250 cool black horse names draws inspiration from pop culture, history, humor, and mythology to capture your horse’s personality.

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Cool Black Horse Names
Cool Black Horse Names
  • Midnight – The bewitching hour
  • Shadow – A dark silhouette
  • Raven – A sleek black bird
  • Onyx – Smooth black gemstone
  • Nightfall – Dusk descending
  • Eclipse – A solar blackout event
  • Luna – The mystic moon
  • Phantom – A ghostly apparition
  • Dark Star – An ominous celestial body
  • Blackjack – A winning hand in cards
  • Ace – The first card dealt, also meaning best or cool
  • Bandit – An outlaw wearing a black mask
  • Zorro – Fictional outlaw hero dressed in black
  • Spirit – A strong, wild, free soul
  • Storm – Powerful, tempestuous weather

Cool Black Horse Pop Culture Names

Give your dark horse a stylish pop culture-themed name:

  • Zorro – Named for the masked outlaw hero
  • Batman – Superhero known as the Dark Knight
  • Blackbeard – Infamous pirate from history
  • Jett – Inspired by Joan Jett, pioneer rocker
  • Hendrix – After guitar great Jimi Hendrix
  • Phoenix – Dark mythical bird rising from ashes
  • Raven – Sleek, clever blackbird
  • Midnight – The bewitching hour
  • Nightfall – Evocative of dusk’s arrival
  • Luna – Mystical name for the moon
  • Eclipse – A breathtaking solar event
  • Onyx – Sleek black gemstone
  • Coal – Solid black rock used for fuel
  • Matrix – Futuristic name from the sci-fi film
  • Neo – Main character in The Matrix
  • Trinity – The Matrix character, Neo’s ally
  • Morpheus – The Matrix rebel leader
  • Storm – X-Men superheroine manipulating weather
  • Rogue – X-Men hero with power-draining ability
  • Mystique – Shape-shifting X-Men villain
  • Obsidian – Volcanic glass with a smooth dark surface
  • Pepper – Named for the spice or Iron Man’s companion
  • Doc – Marty McFly’s time machine pal in Back to the Future
  • Einstein – Iconic genius scientist Albert Einstein
  • Poe – After macabre author Edgar Allan Poe
  • Salem – New England town known for witch trials
  • Hex – Magical name meaning witch’s spell
  • Hocus – Part of the classic magical phrase “Hocus Pocus”
  • Wizard – Master of magic powers
  • Alakazam – Magician’s word used during tricks
  • Dracula – Iconic vampire name
  • Damien – Omen child who was evil incarnate
  • Raven – Edgar Allan Poe’s melancholy poem
  • Nightmare – Scary dream, fitting for a black horse
  • Anubis – Egyptian god associated with the afterlife
  • Loki – Trickster god in Norse mythology
  • Hades – Greek god of the underworld

Cool Black Horse Historical Figures Names

Name your black horse after famous figures from history:

  • Caesar – Mighty Roman emperor
  • Napoleon – Bold French emperor
  • Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom
  • Artemis – Greek goddess of the hunt
  • Apollo – Greek/Roman sun god
  • Zeus – King of the Greek gods
  • Osiris – Egyptian god of life and death
  • Cleopatra – Powerful last queen of Egypt
  • Nefertiti – Iconic Egyptian queen
  • Khufu – Egyptian pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid
  • Alexander – The legendary Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great
  • Xerxes – Persian king known for a huge army
  • Leonidas – King of Sparta from 300 fame
  • Spartacus – Brave gladiator who led a slave revolt
  • Caesar – Mighty Roman general and emperor
  • Odysseus – Mythical Greek hero of the Odyssey
  • Apollo – God of music, poetry, and the sun
  • Athena – Goddess of wisdom and strategy
  • Artemis – Goddess of the hunt and wilderness
  • Midas – King with the golden touch in mythology
  • Calypso – Sea nymph from Homer’s Odyssey
  • Odysseus – Legendary Greek hero who battled Cyclops
  • Mercury – Fast Roman god of travel and communication
  • Vulcan – Roman god of fire and the forge
  • Juno – Powerful Roman queen goddess
  • Zeus – King of the gods in Greek mythology
  • Poseidon – Greek sea god and Zeus’s brother
  • Hera – Greek queen goddess, Zeus’s wife
  • Achilles – Renowned Greek warrior hero
  • Hector – Mighty Trojan prince who fought Achilles
  • Paris – Prince of Troy who started the Trojan War
  • Ajax – Fierce Greek warrior in the Trojan War
  • Helen – Beautiful Greek queen whose kidnapping launched the Trojan War
  • Spartacus – Bold gladiator who led a slave uprising
  • Hannibal – Carthaginian general who crossed the Alps with elephants
  • Genghis – After Mongolian conqueror Genghis Khan
  • Khan – Named for the Mongolian emperor

Cool Black Horse Funny Names

Give your black steed a humorous name:

  • Darth Tater – Play on Darth Vader and potato
  • Voldetrot – Spin on Dark Lord Voldemort
  • Black Beauty – Ironic name for a less-than-beautiful horse
  • Blacky Chan – Combining Jackie Chan and black
  • Mr. Ed – Talking TV horse
  • Velvet Thunder – Hilarious overly dramatic name
  • Black Magic – Playing on magician nicknames
  • Shadowfax – Name of Gandalf’s horse in Lord of the Rings
  • Bojack – After depressed cartoon horse
  • American Pharoah – Famous racehorse name spoof
  • Winnie the Pooh – Silly old bear who loves honey
  • Jokesonyou – A joking name about being pranked
  • Plot Twist – Surprising name reveal
  • Déjà Moo – Funny on déjà vu meaning “already seen”
  • Hay Place – Humorous name after the hotel chain Holiday Inn
  • Horsely – Adapted from actor Russell Crowe’s last name
  • Notinnacup – Funny twist on “not in a cup”
  • Hal Apino – Playing on “hay lapino”
  • Hoof Hearted – Sounds like “who farted” when said aloud
  • Buck Off – Funny name about bucking
  • Filly Cheesesteak – Play on a Philly cheesesteak sandwich
  • Pony Montana – Riffing on actor/singer Tony Montana
  • Mary Poppins – Mary Poppins reference
  • Blacky – Simple play on “Jackie” but with black horse theme
  • Twilight Sparkle – My Little Pony character mashup
  • Princess Sparkle Hooves – More My Little Pony-based humor
  • Rainbow Dash – Another humorous My Little Pony name
  • MC Hammer – Rapper with hit “U Can’t Touch This”
  • Sir Trot-a-lot – Lots of trotting around

Cool Black Horse Mythical Names

Cool Black Horse Names
Cool Black Horse Names

Choose a fantastical name from mythology and legends:

  • Obsidian – Volcanic glass with a glossy black surface
  • Nightshade – Poisonous plant with dark berries
  • Eclipse – Dramatic celestial event when sun blacked out
  • Equinox – Moment of equal day and night
  • Solstice – Year’s most extreme day length
  • Orion – Hunter constellation with dark sky position
  • Luna – Roman moon goddess
  • Artemis – Greek goddess of nighttime and the hunt
  • Persephone – Greek queen taken to the underworld by Hades
  • Hel – Norse goddess who ruled the underworld
  • Thanatos – Greek god personifying death
  • Morpheus – Greek god of dreams and sleep
  • Styx – Mythical black river separating the world of living and dead
  • Cerberus – Three-headed hound guarding the underworld
  • Hecate – Goddess associated with witchcraft, ghosts
  • Circe – Sorceress in Greek myth who transformed men into beasts
  • Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom and war strategy
  • Raven – Clever blackbird in folklore
  • Phoenix – Mythical bird dying in flames and rising in ashes to be reborn
  • Midnight – Witching hour, the peak time for magic and mystery
  • Twilight – Evocative dusk time between day and night
  • Dusk – Gloaming at sunset
  • Dawn – First light of day breaking
  • Shadow – Dark shape cast by an object blocking light
  • Onyx – Prized black gemstone
  • Obsidian – Volcanic glass formed in lava
  • Raven – The foreboding blackbird in Poe’s poem
  • Hades – Greek god and ruler of the underworld
  • Loki – Trickster in Norse myths
  • Anubis – Jackal-headed Egyptian god of the afterlife
  • Kali – Hindu goddess of time, death and destruction

Hopefully, these cool black horse name ideas help capture your horse’s spirit and style. Let me know if you need any other suggestions!

Final Words

Naming your black horse is a chance to get creative and capture their style. With so many cool options to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your horse’s personality. Black horse names from pop culture evoke a contemporary vibe, while history-based names provide sophistication. Mythological and celestial names capture allure and magic. And humorous names add a lighthearted touch.

Keep in mind your horse’s spirit when selecting from these 250 cool black horse names. Find something distinctive that resonates with their attributes and your relationship. Use this list as inspiration, but don’t limit yourself. Get innovative with meanings and combinations until you discover the ideal handle.

After considering all the meaningful, mystical, and clever black horse name possibilities, you’re sure to find the perfect moniker to call out across the paddock to your beloved dark horse. Enjoy exploring the naming process and settling on “the one!”