Paper Plate Awards Ideas List

Paper Plate Awards Ideas List – Funny and Creative Recognition Ideas

Looking for a unique and humorous Paper Plate Awards Ideas List to recognize people in your organization, school, or family? Paper plate awards are an easy, fun way to highlight accomplishments and positive qualities in a lighthearted way. Here is a list of funny and creative paper plate award ideas you can make for kids or adults.


Paper plate awards are inexpensive trophies or plaques made by decorating and customizing paper plates. They are given as gag gifts or humorous prizes for accomplishments that don’t necessarily merit serious recognition. For example, “Most Likely to Be Late to Class” or “Loudest Snorer at Camp”.

Paper plate awards are perfect for school classrooms, sports teams, summer camps, community organizations, or just for fun at home. Teachers, coaches, and parents can easily make them at a low cost. The simple materials required include paper plates, art supplies like markers and stickers, and creativity.

Below are 50 funny and clever Paper Plate Awards Ideas List to inspire you. Review the list and select the ones that would work best for your recipients!

Funny Paper Plate Awards Ideas List for Kids

Here are creative and silly paper plate award ideas suitable for kids in school or other youth organizations.

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Paper Plate Awards Ideas List
Paper Plate Awards Ideas List

Most Likely to Become President

Recognize a natural leader with ambition and skills to someday reach the top job! Decorate the paper plate with flags, stars, or a picture of the White House.

Most Artistic

Reward a budding Picasso who loves to draw and create art. Decorate the plate with colorful paints, markers, stickers, or glitter glue.

Class Comedian

Highlight the student who makes everyone laugh with their jokes and antics. Add a happy/funny face sticker or draw a silly character.

Most Adventurous

Applaud a daring and courageous explorer ready for new challenges. Feature travel stickers, a compass, or banners with sayings like “Adventure Awaits!”

Most Imaginative

Encourage creative kids with an award for the best storyteller, actor, or visionary thinker. Decorate with lightbulbs, thought bubbles, or unicorns.

Best Smile

Lift someone’s spirits and self-confidence with an award for their cheerful smile that brightens the room. Add smiley face stickers or make a toothy grin from white paper.

Most Helpful

Show appreciation for a kind and caring friend who is always ready to lend a hand. Draw clasped hands, hearts, or feature stickers with words like “You’re a Gem!”

Best Reader

Fuel reading motivation for bookworms who always have their nose in a story. Decorate with bookmarks, book images, or stickers like “I ? reading”.

Most Enthusiastic

Reward endless zeal and big personality with this award for liveliness. Decorate with stars, fireworks burst, or phrases like “You Shine!”

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day

Uplift spirits with this award for someone who makes others happy. Decorate with sunshine, rainbows, or smiley faces.

Funny Paper Plate Awards for Adults

Here are funny and fitting paper plate award ideas for adults at work, community groups, sports teams, or just for fun at home:

Funny Paper Plate Awards for Adults
Funny Paper Plate Awards for Adults

Most Caffeinated

Highlight the team member always first in line for coffee – the one who runs on java juice! Decorate with coffee mugs, beans, or phrases like “Can’t Function Without Coffee”.

Most Competitive

For the sportsman, gamer, or performer who plays full throttle and strives for every win. Add images of trophies, finish line flags, or sayings like “First Place or No Place”.

Best Dancer

Give the award for smooth dance moves at parties and events to your friend with all the slick skills. Add disco balls, musical notes, or silhouettes of dancing figures.

Most Likely to Be Late

For the time optimist who somehow is late to every meeting or event. Add clocks, hourglasses, or funny phrases like “Sorry I’m Late – Again!”

Best Listener

Show appreciation for the empathetic ear and sage advice your friend provides. Decorate with images of ears or sayings like “Friendly Advice Here!”

Most Persuasive

Recognize the influencer in your group who can talk you into almost anything. Feature a debate microphone, scale of justice, or wordy phrases.

Best Work Ethic

Applaud is a dedicated achiever who works tirelessly for success. Add briefcase stickers, clock hands, or motivational quotes.

Most Technical

Thank the team member who eagerly tackles every new tech challenge. Decorate with keyboard and coding images or sayings like “Rebooting the World”.

Greenest Thumb

Compliment your friend’s gardening prowess and plant care with this award. Add leaf and flower stickers or draw gardening tools.

Best Cook

For the friend who wows you with their masterful meals and hosting flair. Decorate with utensils, spice jars, or phrases like “Kitchen MVP”.

How to Make Paper Plate Awards

Making paper plate awards is easy and fun. Follow these simple steps:

Funny Paper Plate Awards for Adults
Funny Paper Plate Awards for Adults

Supplies Needed

  • Paper plates
  • Markers, crayons, colored pencils
  • Stickers, stamps, stencils
  • Scissors, hole punch
  • String, ribbon, craft glue


  1. Choose a paper plate in a fun color or pattern. Sturdier plastic plates work best.
  2. Decide on an award name from the ideas above or create your own.
  3. Use markers or crayons to write the award title and recipient’s name in large letters. Get creative with lettering styles and colors.
  4. Decorate the plate with stickers, stamps, drawings, or cut-outs to match the award theme. Glue down any stickers or images.
  5. Add a string or ribbon to the back for hanging if desired. Punch holes on each side of the plate and tie the ribbon through.
  6. Consider laminating the finished plate so it lasts longer without smudges.
  7. Present the paper plate award with a flourish! Take a photo to preserve the memory.

Fun Ways to Use Paper Plate Awards

Paper plate awards are versatile and can creatively recognize people in many settings:

  • In the classroom – Teachers can give silly superlative awards on the last day of school. Ask students to vote for their peers.
  • At camp – Counselors can hand out funny awards at the end of camp to commemorate inside jokes and memories.
  • On sports teams – Coaches can highlight player personalities and acknowledge side accomplishments beyond the field.
  • At work – Managers can use humorous awards to praise team members for their quirks during a fun employee recognition event.
  • For family or friends – Make clever paper plate awards for gatherings like backyard barbecues, beach vacations, or holiday celebrations.

The key is keeping the awards lighthearted! Use them to spark smiles, laughter, and a sense of community spirit.

Final Words- Paper Plate Awards Ideas List

Awarding creatively decorated paper plates is an easy and engaging way to recognize positive contributions, talents, or funny superlatives in any group setting. Kids and adults alike will love the silly and thoughtful awards.

Use the 50 Paper Plate Awards Ideas List above to get started brainstorming one-of-a-kind awards for the special people in your work, school, family, or community. Get creative with award names and decorative styles to make each one unique. Crafting DIY paper plate awards makes giving recognition memorable and fun.

What clever paper plate award ideas would you add to this list? Share your examples in the comments!