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Russia is again an overt player in this world challenge, rather than simply acting behind the scenes. Three major events have occurred, all point towards the possibility of war.


The territorial dispute between Ukraine and its two breakaway majority Russian-speaking Eastern Republics has escalated a lot in the last few days, after being on a slow simmer for eight years plus.

emergency meeting

In an emergency meeting, after a tense conversation with the Russian people, Russian President Putin recognized the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republic's claims to independence.

Still Possible

While anything is still possible, experts are watching these events unfold as they predict the worst.



The rest of the world, nearly, still considered this important region part of Ukraine, as does the Ukrainian government. Russia also announced it was prepared to defend these breakaway rebel run areas.


In a strong economic strike, the White House immediately set the wheels in motion to stop all investment, financing or trade with these renegade republics. Some predict this Executive Order will be expanded to also sanction Russia shortly. It is unclear how strong the impact these sanctions will be able to have, with China unlikely to participate. Russia has seen its join project with Germany to facilitate easy oil exports, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, as one of the most promising economic developments in decades. 

Ordered Work

Germany has ordered work to halt for now, with the threat that the project may be completely ended due to Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.


Some are for holidays and special occasions, others are to celebrate achievements etc , there are a number of reasons that people might want to plan an event.


The basics to planning any event include things like guests, food, and location. Where is the event going to take place? How long is the event going to be?


Will the event be free or will it cost something for people to gain entry? Will people be allowed to bring someone with them if they have one ticket?

Few Questions

These are a few questions that anyone planning an event might think about.

What is offered with that one ticket if they do buy it? There are many ways to go about planning an event and one way to do it isn’t like another.

Best of all for any event planning is the option for going with experts to help with getting it all done. This way it can be done faster, better, and sometimes even save money too.


There are a number of different event types that are organized out there.

Why struggle with any event planning today because there is no need.